Human Powered Submarine

Human Powered Submarine

The Human Powered Submarine Project is an annual extracurricular design project in which students design, build, and race human powered submarines for the International Submarine Races. For details and how to be involved, please see the MTS/SNAME student website. Races are normally scheduled during the summer every other year.

Since 1991, ocean engineering students have participated in the human powered submarine races. The students built both two-person and one-person submarines, powered by SCUBA certified student drivers. Past submarines include:

  • Aggie Ray (1991)
  • Argo (1993)
  • SubMaroon (1996) 5th  place
  • Tamu (1997) 3rd place
  • SubMaroon II (1998) 1st  place
  • Hydro-Ag (2001) 2nd  place
  • Maroon Typhoon (2002) 3rd  place
  • Hullabaloo (2003) 2nd  place
  • Ol' Sarge (2004) 3rd  place
  • Ol' Sarge II (2005) 2nd  place
  • Ol' Sarge III (2006) Best Operating Team Award and 3rd  place
  • Maroon Harpoon (2007 and 2009), winning 3rd place at both races, (2011) 7th place, and (2012) Judges' Award

The team is looking forward to another great race at the International Submarine Races in 2013.

Results from past races

The 2009 Texas A&M Ocean Engineering Human Powered Submarine Team. (Bottom L-R) Alyssa Baker (Pilot), Casey Hodges (Co-Captain), Chris Ryan, and Chris Dearing. (Top L-R) Abel Medellin, James Lightfoot (Pilot), Alex Knoll, Jeff Phillips, David Neat, Cynthia Vittone, Duncan Brotzman (Pilot), Sean Finn, and Sarah Schlosser (Co-Captain).

Texas A&M Ocean Engineering’s “Maroon Harpoon” at the 2009 International Submarine Races in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Maroon Harpoon in the water getting ready to race with Casey Hodges.

The Maroon Harpoon waiting outside the basin to race.