Materials science and engineering graduate student serves as ASM international officer

Olga Eliseeva, a graduate student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, is serving as one of three student voices on the board of trustees for ASM International (ASMI).

Olga Eliseeva ASMI Officer“The mission of ASMI is to connect material engineers from research, industry and government, as well as provide access to reference materials, data and educational content,” Eliseeva said.

She hopes to one day become a member of the board of directors for a company or larger international organization and credits this experience with providing exclusive opportunities to learn more about large organizations and how they function.

“I also enjoy meeting individuals leading the cutting-edge companies in the field of materials science and engineering,” Eliseeva said. “This opportunity excites me because I love learning of people’s stories and how their careers have unfolded. This also gives me a better understanding of what to expect in the future.”

Satisfying her desire to give back, this position sparked Eliseeva’s interest with its ability to leave a lasting impact on the organization that has benefitted her so greatly. Eliseeva’s duties include ensuring the future of ASMI, advising and serving as a voice of the student members to the members of the board.

“My favorite part about serving ASMI in this capacity is that I get to meet interesting people every day,” Eliseeva said. “It’s not common to have lunch with delegates from India one day and the president of a major company the next.”

Previously, Eliseeva  served as an officer of Material Advantage, an ASM student chapter, for four years at Case Western Reserve University while completing her undergraduate degree. At Texas A&M, she currently serves as the chair of Material Advantage.