eSAIL has launched to support distance education

Distance learningThe Engineering Studio for Advanced Instruction & Learning (eSAIL) in the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, formerly Remote Learning, has formally launched to provide professional support for departments and faculty engaged in distance education. Led by Assistant Vice Chancellor for Engineering Remote Education Dr. Sunay Palsolé, the eSAIL team has 12 professionals with a broad range of experience and skills in planning, designing, building, promoting and supporting distance education courses, graduate degrees and certificate programs.

The goal of eSAIL is to actively partner with faculty throughout the course design process. The team of learning architects and instructional designers, paired with multimedia staff, can tailor an effective distance course that ensures learning outcomes are achieved while creating an easy pathway for faculty engaged in this enterprise.

As part of the endeavor to support innovative solutions for engineering education and after conferring with a faculty focus group, the team has developed fully online faculty training modules. This professional development series will equip faculty members to use technologies and effective teaching strategies specific to online instruction. The first module of the Essentials series, “Getting Started with Online Teaching,” is available through the eSAIL website. For technical support email