Banks recognizes Faculty and Staff Award winners

M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of engineering and director of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), recognized Faculty and Staff Award winners during the 2017 Faculty and Staff Awards banquet.

Banks presented Faculty Awards, Staff Excellence Awards, a New Employee Award, a Key Contributor Award and the Engineering Team Award.

Staff Awards

Key Contributor Award — Kay Choate (Civil Engineering)

New Employee Award — Jules Henry (Materials Science and Engineering)

Staff Excellence Award — Katie Cates (Engineering Human Resources); Barry Jackson (Biomedical Engineering); Doug Kutz (Aerospace Engineering); Adrienne Person (TEES Fiscal Office); Lisa Pollock (Ocean Engineering); Edmund Seidel (Remote Education)

Team award winnersEngineering Team Award — Engineering Engagement Team (Laura Hall; Nicole Latham; Shraddha Sankhe; Jared Scoggins)

Faculty Awards

Phillips 66 First Year Faculty Award — Dr. Michael Demkowicz (Materials Science and Engineering); Dr. Zachary Grasley (Civil Engineering); Dr. Scott Miller (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Dr. Bimal Nepal (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution); Dr. David Staack (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Sreeram Vaddiraju (Chemical Engineering)

College of Engineering Teaching Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award — Dr. Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Alaa Elwany (Industrial and Systems Engineering); Dr. Paul Gratz, (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

George Armistead, Jr. ’23 Faculty Excellence Teaching Award — Dr. Katy Kao (Chemical Engineering)

Instructional Faculty Teaching Award — Alan Brewer (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Gregory Chamitoff (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Lufthansa Kanta (Civil Engineering); Dr. Aakash Tyagi (Computer Science and Engineering); John Tyler (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Association of Former Students College-Level Distinguished Teaching Award — Dr. Paul Gratz (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Dr. Wonmuk Hwang (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Michael D. Johnson (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution); Dr. Tiffani Williams (Computer Science and Engineering)

College of Engineering Service Awards

Charles W. Crawford Distinguished Service Award — Dr. Angie Hill Price (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution); Dr. Duncan Maitland (Biomedical Engineering)

George Armistead, Jr. ‘23 Service Award — Dr. Sean McDeavitt (Nuclear Engineering)

College of Engineering Contribution Awards

William Keeler Memorial Award for Contributions — Dr. Hong Liang (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Kristen Maitland (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Bimal Nepal (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution)

College of Engineering Faculty Fellows

Charles H. Barclay, Jr. ‘45 Faculty Fellow — Dr. Eduardo Gildin (Petroleum Engineering); Dr. Guofei Gu (Computer Science and Engineering)

Eugene Webb Faculty Fellow — Dr. Le Xie (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Herbert H. Richardson Faculty Fellow — Dr. Daniel McAdams (Mechanical Engineering)

Holleran-Bowman Faculty Fellow — Dr. James Caverlee (Computer Science and Engineering)

Williams Brothers Construction Engineering Fellow — Dr. Scott Socolofsky (Civil Engineering)

William O. and Montine P. Head Faculty Fellow — Dr. Amine Benzerga (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Natarajan Gautam (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

TEES Fellow Awards

TEES Young Faculty Fellows — Dr. Micah Green (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Jeff Huang (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Ryan McClarren (Nuclear Engineering); Dr. Xiaoning Qian (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

TEES Faculty Fellows — Dr. Stefan Hurlebaus (Civil Engineering); Dr. Arul Jayaraman (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Helen Reed (Aerospace Engineering)

TEES Senior Faculty Fellows — Dr. Jaime Grunlan (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Eric Petersen (Mechanical Engineering)

Dean of Engineering Excellence Award

Assistant Professor — Dr. Douglas Allaire (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Moble Benedict (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Partha Mukherjee (Mechanical Engineering)

Associate Professor — Dr. James Caverlee (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Melissa Grunlan (Biomedical Engineering)

Full Professor — Dr. Tim Davis (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Moo-Hyun Kim (Ocean Engineering)