Biomedical engineering professor awarded Texas A&M iSITE grant

JainDr. Abhishek Jain, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded the Texas A&M University iSITE grant. The grant will enable Jain and his students to study the commercial potential of their proposed innovations in “organs-on-chip” technology.

The “organs-on-chip” technology is a set of customized tools built to emulate human biology and diseases. These tools help in the understanding of how different medicines, toxins and environments affect human health globally, as well as at a patient-specific level.

Jain’s team is developing an organ-on-a-chip for assessing blood clots in patients who are currently diagnosed with cancer.

Jain’s team includes his students, Navaneeth Krishna, biomedical engineering graduate student, and Pranav Gadangi, biomedical engineering sophomore. They will identify a relevant audience for their product/process ideas and conduct 50 interviews in order to gain an understanding of the market trends and competition.

The Texas A&M iSITE team will guide Jain’s team to later apply for a larger extramural National Science Foundation I-Corps grant. If the device is commercialized, it could potentially advance the assessment and treatment of blood clots in cancer and drastically improve patient care