Record numbers highlight 5th annual Engineering Project Showcase

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For the 5th annual Engineering Project Showcase, the work of more than 1,000 students was represented on April 29 in the Hall of Champions at Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field. 

The Engineering Project Showcase provides students an opportunity to demonstrate and display their engineering projects, highlighting the ingenuity of engineers solving real-world problems.

Showcase2017 5 Web“The showcase is one of the largest exhibits of student design projects in the country and a unique opportunity for industry to see the innovative skills of our students across all engineering majors,” said Magda Lagoudas, executive director for industry and non-profit partnerships.

The showcase has become the pinnacle event of the year and has nearly doubled in size since its inaugural event. This year hosted more than 180 engineering projects representing the work of more than 1,000 students. The event brought industry representatives and judges from nearly 70 companies to campus, providing students an opportunity to network and discuss potential collaborations for their innovations.

The awards ceremony at the end of the showcase recognized the top teams with more than $10,000 in prize money awarded. Baker Hughes, Emerson and Shell sponsored the showcase.

The $1,000 Baker Hughes Award went to High Heat Flux Two Phase CPU Cooling from the mechanical engineering department. Its team members included Nick Cangelose, Justin Feldt, Qijun Liu and Kevin Wu, and faculty advisor Noushin Amini. It was sponsored by DELL EMC- Kevin Mundt and Robert Curtis.

The $1,000 Emerson Award went to Texas Children’s Hospital - Pediatric Gynecology from the biomedical engineering department. Its team members included Hannah Pearce, Omar Wyman, Sydney Roach and Hannah Humbert, and faculty advisor Maurice Brewer. It was sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Dietrich and Dr. Julie Hakim.

The $1,000 Shell Award went to Turtle Rescue from the ENGR 289 – Engineering Creativity course. Its team members included Dustin Ladd, Logan Skipper, Michayal Matthew and Matthew Laux.


In addition to the top three overall awards, 17 awards of $500 each were given for best project in each competing category listed below, such as capstone within specific majors, AggiE_Challenge, design competition teams, other course projects and ENGR 112 (freshman engineering course project).

Biological and agricultural engineering
Cacao Pod Cracker — Weston Yap, sponsor. Dr. Rabi Mohtar, faculty advisor. Team members: Cecily Molina, Hilda Villarreal and Sreevidya Ghantasala. 

Biomedical engineering
Texas Children’s Hospital - Pediatric Gynecology — Dr. Jennifer Dietrich and Dr. Julie Hakim, sponsors. Maurice Brewer, faculty advisor. Team members: Hannah Pearce, Omar Wyman, Sydney Roach and Hannah Humbert. 

Computer science and engineering
Ghost Ship VR — Department of Computer Science and Engineering, sponsor. Dr. Bruce Gooch, faculty advisor. Team members: Thomas Sell, Cody Leuschner, Josh Hooton and Jacob Stafford.

Electrical and computer engineering
Vibration Navigation Team — Dr. Stavros Kalafatis, faculty advisor. Team members: Jordan Wenske, Cooper Rehn, Benjamin Jack and Karl White.

Engineering technology and industrial distribution
Autonomous Garden System— Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, sponsor. Dr. Ana Goulart, faculty advisor. Team members: Benedict Dike, John Stockton, Anthony Mendiola, Samuel Herrera, Philip Kelly and Hector Rafael.

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Industrial and systems engineering (top two teams)
San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) Research Catalog — SAMMC, sponsor. Ricardo Villarreal, faculty advisor. Team members: Luke Hicks, Olufemi Bada, Stanley Chan and Travis Korry.

MD Anderson’s Molecular Diagnostics Lab: Determining Optimal Batch Size — MD Anderson and Dalia Farhat, sponsor. Dr. Guy Curry, faculty advisor. Team members: Katherine Klassen, David Corro, Magdalene Kramer, Carter Harvey and Benjamin Babcock.

Mechanical engineering (top two teams)
High Heat Flux Two Phase CPU Cooling — ASHRAE and Kevin Gardner, sponsor. James Thomas, faculty advisor. Team members: Elias Rosedahl, Matthew Pledger, Daniel Harris and Ty Williams and faculty.

Smart-Glove Stroke Hand Rehabilitation Device — Dr. Arun Srinivasa, sponsor. James Thomas, faculty advisor. Team members: Trey Torno, Aaron Graeve, Casey Fattig, Sean Sculley and Eric Redondo.

Other capstone design – chemical engineering
Sustainable and Self-Sufficient Production of Propylene through Oleflex Technology — Ineos Olefins and Polymers, sponsor. Dr. Debalina Sengupta, faculty advisor. Team members: Harry MacTough, Eric Fris, Christopher Riggs and John Mark Zimmerman.

Student design competition
TAMU Hyperloop — Engineering Advisory Council, sponsor. Dr. Adonios Karpetic, faculty advisor. Team members: Jordan Daly, Nathan Brunner, Kasper Egholm, Armando Gonzalez-Feuchter, Frank Malambri, Jakob Parnell, Bradley Petras, Gabriel Pirmez, McKenna Roberts and Austin Schneider.

Other course projects
Turtle Rescue — EPICS 289, sponsor. Magda Lagoudas, faculty advisor. Team members: Dustin Ladd, Logan Skipper, Michayal Matthew and Matthew Laux.

ENGR 112 (three awards)
ENGR 112-540 — Paul Koola, faculty advisor. Team members: Christopher Alexander, Ross Carpenter, Abigail Dougherty, Garrett Janda, Samuel Kuehnhold, Samuel Murley, Jaclynn Turnbaugh and Zachary Wilson.

ENGR 112-203 — Dr. Allen Godwin, faculty advisor. Team members: Michael Martin, Jacob Dewey, Alicia Morales, Erica Hall, Thomas Dane, Oscal Villarreal, Richard McCalley and Tate Banks.

ENGR 112-511 — Jacquelyn Huff, faculty advisor. Team members: Bailey Eberle, David Bleiler, John Klaerner, Angelina Garcia, Sarah Khan, Josh Regresado, Nick Lugo, Sarnia Alghazo and Samantha Wilson.

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AggiE_Challenge (two awards)
Point-of-Care Health Informatics for Proactive Epilepsy Seizure Alert — Texas A&M College of Engineering, sponsor. Dr. Satish Bukkapatnam, faculty advisor, and Afrin, student mentor. Team members: Kyle Reagan, Alan Ngo, Bryan Arnold, Stefan Manoharan, Sagar Patel, Sandesh Reddy, Srujan Kancharia, and Ishan Vasandni. 

Advanced Vapor Compression Desalination (AVCD) – Business and Administration Team — Texas A&M College of Engineering, sponsor. Dr. Mark Holtzapple, faculty advisor. Team members: Yndalecia Ojeda, Esteban Saba, Audrey Munson, Gene Markantonis, Regan Hess, Will Lipscomb, Daisy Enriquez, Sarah Mustafa, Myada Abdelrahman, Carolynn Van Zandt and Talon Page.

Further details on each project can be found here. The 2018 Engineering Project Showcase will be April 27, 2018 in the Hall of Champions at Kyle Field.