Sponsors needed for Senior Capstone Design Program

Do you have a back-burner project you can’t seem to get to? How about giving a senior capstone design team a shot?

The Senior Capstone Design Program offers senior engineering students, working in teams, the opportunity to learn a top-down, systems design process that encourages innovation and has real world applicability. These design projects take place over a two-semester sequence of courses and provide a bridge between core engineering courses and a working career by applying engineering principles to practical problems.

Capstone solicitation 2Sponsors are needed, whether individual or corporate, to supply projects student teams can design, prototype and test over two semesters. Additional project types include exploratory studies, conceptualization and analysis and simulation. Nondisclosure agreements and/or intellectual property protection are available to the sponsors upon request. To cover the costs associated with the student team expenses, a $12,000 contribution is requested for gifted support, or $18,000 for the contracted projects. 

For more information on how to sponsor a Senior Capstone Design Project in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, please contact Joanna Tsenn, Ph.D. at  979.458.8443 or joanna.tsenn@tamu.edu

Pictured: Multi-constituent fuel mixing and metering system with constant gaseous output design,
Sponsored by E-Controls