Texas A&M Engineering top in nation for Best College Value ranking

50-BEST-VALUE-BACHELOR’S-IN-ENGINEERING-2017-1Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering is No. 1 on Best College Values’ ranking of the 50 Best Value Bachelor’s in Engineering, ranking ahead of the University of California, Berkeley, and Georgia Institute of Technology, which ranked second and third, respectively. Texas A&M is the only university in Texas among the top five.

“We are pleased to be named at the top of this year’s list,” said Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of Texas A&M Engineering. “Part of the ranking criteria compares early career salaries to the cost of an engineering education. We are proud to continue offering the best investment value in engineering education available anywhere.”

The college of engineering is the largest college on the Texas A&M campus, with 14 departments and more than 16,000 engineering students, and it is consistently ranked among the nation’s top public programs.

The Best College Value ranking highlights programs of study that represent the best values in education for your dollar. Best College Values selected 50 regionally accredited colleges and universities of reputably high quality according to U.S. News & World Report (USNWR). Texas A&M was 15th (eighth among public institutions) in USNWR’s latest ranking of Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

“This ranking is special because it takes into account not just one but multiple metrics that measure overall excellence,” said Michael K. Young, President of Texas A&M University, “the result of a transformative learning and research environment for students and faculty alike.”

After selecting 50 regionally accredited colleges and universities, Best College Value ranks the schools according to its weighted formula that utilizes publicly available data from a variety of sources to produce an overall score of 1-100. The data includes U.S. News scores, tuition rates, return on investment according to Payscale.com, graduation rates and cohort default rates. 

The ranking aims to help aspiring engineers choose a high-quality program that balances reasonable tuition, reputation, quality and a high return on investment. This ranking analyzes the objective factors so that prospective students need not put so much time and energy into research that accompanies choosing an institution of higher learning.

To view the entire ranking, visit the Best College Values website