Langari presents invited lecture at Ford


Dr. Reza Langari, J.R. Thompson Department Head Chair of the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution and professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, presented an invited lecture at Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan, on April 13.

The presentation focused on his work on the application of game theory and hybrid dynamical systems to autonomous driving.

“My research stands to offer a promising approach to autonomous driving systems (self-driving vehicles) and is intended to enable these vehicles to behave in a predictable and socially acceptable manner,” said Langari.

“In the next several years, a mixed traffic environment of regular and autonomous vehicles is expected to become commonplace,” added Langari, who has also worked on hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), developing one of the earlier approaches to predictive modeling for energy management in HEVs.

His work has been published in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technologies and IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology among other venues.