Electrical and Computer Engineering to host Shannon Event on Saturday

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University will host the Shannon Event on Saturday (April 9) in conjunction with the Texas A&M Physics and Engineering Festival.

April 30 marks the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon, who is best known for developing the mathematical foundations of communication (establishing the field of information theory), data compression, digital computers, cryptography, circuit complexity, flow networks and juggling, as well as laying foundations of artificial intelligence and human–computer interaction.

The Shannon Event will include booths and a poster presentation in the Mitchell Physics Building, with hands-on activities such as real-time face/body tracking with PTZ -panning, camera tilting and zooming. There will also be a public presentation by Dr. Krishna Narayanan and Dr. Tie Liu titled, “Claude Shannon: A pioneer of the information age.” The presentation will be at noon in room 106 of the Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering Building.

For more information about the Physics and Engineering Festival, visit http://physicsfestival.tamu.edu/.