Grossmann delivers Distinguished McFerrin Lecture

Grossman news

Dr. Ignacio E. Grossmann, a world renowned researcher for developing novel mathematical programming algorithms and techniques for solving problems in process systems engineering, delivered the Distinguished McFerrin Lecture which is part of the Lindsay Lecture Series hosted by the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Grossmann is the Rudolph R. and Florence Dean University Professor of Chemical Engineering and former department head at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a member of National Academy of Engineering.

He presented his lecture, “Recent Advances in Computational Models for the Discrete and Continuous Optimization Models of Industrial Process Systems,” with several references to applications in the oil and gas industry. Grossman gave an overview of deterministic and stochastic models based on mixed-integer liner/nonlinear programming to optimize the offshore oil and gas facilities.

“These models and algorithms are applied to the design and planning of offshore facilities with uncertain crude oil prices and reservoir sizes,” said Grossmann.

Grossman is the director of the Center for Advanced Process Decision-Making, which comprises of a total 20 petroleum, chemical and engineering companies. In addition to NAE, he holds memberships in the Mexican Academy of Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Institute for Operations Research and Management Science, Mathematical Optimization Society and the American Chemical Society.

The J.D. Lindsay Lecture Series enables outstanding speakers from industry and academia to visit Texas A&M and the Department of Chemical Engineering to exchange ideas on teaching and research with students and faculty.