Harris selected to join the AIAA Intelligent Systems Committee

Josh Harris SmallJoshua Harris, Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant in the Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory (VSCL) in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, has been selected to join the AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee (ISTC).

The ISTC addresses the application of Intelligent System (IS) technologies and methods to aerospace systems, the verification and validation of these systems and the education of the AIAA membership in the use of IS technologies in aerospace and other technical disciplines. Members of the ISTC have experience in developing and managing aerospace systems involving knowledge engineering, knowledge acquisition, verification/validation of knowledge based systems, neural networks and expert systems, as well as the use of artificial intelligence concepts/techniques to support natural language interfaces, image understanding, planning/scheduling and data fusion.

Harris, a student under Dr. John Valasek, professor in aerospace engineering, has been a VSCL researcher since 2010. His research investigates intelligent systems in the realm of flight dynamics and controls. Harris’s interests include the use of intelligent and adaptive systems for robust flight control, intelligent systems identification methods, cooperative and multi-agent control and integrated systems health management for aircraft and spacecraft.