Space Micro licenses Texas A&M University Star Tracker software package

Space Micro announced that they have finalized an exclusive licensing agreement with Texas A&M University. This agreement marks the start of a new joint initiative to embed A&M's novel algorithms and software into the Space Micro radiation hardened star tracker product line. 

Space Micro's VP of Engineering, Michael Jacox, commented, "We've built and demonstrated a diverse star tracker product line by implementing the unique Pyramid Star Identification and Calibration routines created by Drs Mortari and Junkins at Texas A&M University. This license gives Space Micro the exclusive rights to use these techniques which have been shown to be superior for robust and rapid stellar attitude determination. 

About Space Micro Inc.

Space Micro recently celebrated its 13-year anniversary and continues to support the Space Industry with innovative, affordable and high performance Digital/Image Processing, RF Communication and Attitude Determination Sensor Products. A brief list of accomplishments include:

  • Developed Single Board Computers and Digital/Image Processing Systems.
  • Developed software defined TT&C Transponders (STDN/SGLS/USB).
  • Developed high performance, frequency agile Mission Data Transmitters.
  • Developed targeted Star Tracker and Sun Sensor systems.

Space Micro Inc. is a leader in patented affordable radiation hardened by design technologies. These technologies have been implemented in the highly successful ProtonX-Box Avionics Suite, which features the Proton P200/400K series single board computers providing industry leading performance and affordability. Our Digital expertise extends to our IPC (Image Processing Computer) systems, including the IPC-5000 which has passed the three-year on-orbit mark on the highly successful Air Force ORS-1 program. Variants of this are also in production on two separate classified programs. From a RF perspective, Space Micro's high performance software defined TT&C Transponders and Mission Data Transmitters have flight heritage (IRIS/LADEE) with very positive customer feedback ongoing. Our industry leading Ka-Band Transmitter is in production for two separate programs, with engineering models successfully provided. Finally, Space Micro continues to provide Sun Sensor products for various domestic and international customers and has completed full qualification for its high performance µSTAR Star Tracker System. 

Space Micro is an employee-owned company based in San Diego, CA, USA. For more information visit or contact Michael Jacox, Vice President of Engineering at (858) 332-0700.

This article originally appeared on the Space Micro website.