Grasley attends Concreep-10 Conference

Image of Zachary GrasleyDr. Zachary Grasley, associate professor and Peter C. Forster Faculty Fellow I in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, recently spoke at the 10th annual Concreep-10 Conference held in Vienna, Austria. Concreep, a three-day conference attended by roughly 200 people from around the world, is held every other year.

Grasley was asked to speak about his research in the shrinkage and creep caused by dissolution. He was invited to share his research in shrinkage of concrete that focuses on the interplay between chemistry, mechanics and microstructure.

“My research here focuses on developing novel materials, experimental methods and material models to help modernize, multi-functionalize and improve the sustainability of civil infrastructure,” said Grasley. “Generally speaking, I’m looking at generating longer lasting material utilized daily by nearly everyone — concrete. Research to preserve our infrastructure in transportation and buildings is an important topic right now.”

Grasley has received several awards from Texas A&M Engineering recognizing his research and teaching accomplishments, including the Zachry Teaching Award and the TEES Select Young Faculty Award. He also received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, which is given to outstanding junior faculty members to help them advance their research and teaching activities, in 2009. He currently teaches a mixed class of undergraduate and graduate students on concrete and material properties. Co-author credit to Chase Shelton for this article.