Banks recognizes Faculty and Staff Award winners

Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of engineering and director of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), recognized Faculty and Staff Award winners during the 2015 Faculty and Staff Awards banquet.

DSC_0893_1Banks presented Faculty Awards, Staff Excellence Awards, a New Employee Award, a Key Contributor Award and the Engineering Team Award.

“I believe that excellence should be recognized and rewarded,” said Banks. “This year 50 faculty and 17 staff members were honored for their contributions, their passion and commitment to elevating our programs.”

Photos from the event can be viewed here

Staff Awards

Key Contributor Award — Nicole Pottberg (Engineering Human Resources)

New Employee Award — Amber Muenzenberger (Engineering Academic and Student Affairs)

Staff Excellence Award — Larissa Pschenitchnaia (Chemical Engineering); Dedra Nevill (Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean); Sharon Loe (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Faye Greenwade (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution); Adam Farmer (Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution); Blake Dworacyk (Computer Science and Engineering); Chantale Deuel (Engineering Human Resources)

Engineering Team Award — Texas Center for Applied Technology (Michael Atkinson; Paul Bilnoski; Graham Booker; Joshua Cook; Eric Gonzalez; Larkin O’Hern; Austin Riddle; Thomas Schneider)

Faculty Awards 

College of Engineering Teaching Awards

Tenneco Meritorious Teaching Award — Dr. Sandun Fernando (Biological and Agricultural Engineering); Dr. Erick Moreno-Centeno (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

Lockheed Martin Teaching Excellence Award — Dr. Kelly Brumbelow (Civil Engineering); Dr. Richard Malak (Mechanical Engineering)

George Armistead, Jr. ’23 Faculty Excellence — Dr. Jodie Lutkenhaus (Chemical Engineering).

Instructional Faculty Teaching Award — Dr. Fred Dupriest (Petroleum Engineering); Dr. Ray Mentzer (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Kristi Shryock (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Jeffrey Otey (Civil Engineering).

College of Engineering Service Awards

Charles Crawford Distinguished Service Award — Dr. Victor Ugaz (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Richard Furuta (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Scott Miller (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

College of Engineering Contribution Awards

E.D. Brockett Professorship — Dr. Arum Han (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

William Keeler Memorial Award — Dr. Daniele Mortari (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Zhengdong Cheng (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Anastasia Muliana (Mechanical Engineering).

TEES Young Faculty Fellows — Dr. Diego Donzis (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Zoya Heidari (Petroleum Engineering); Dr. Jodie Lutkenhaus (Chemical Engineering); Dr. David Staack (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Richard Malak (Mechanical Engineering) 

TEES Fellows — Dr. Shuguang Cui (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Dr. Jaime Grunlan (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Yue Kuo (Chemical Engineering); Dr. Michael McShane (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Lin Shao (Nuclear Engineering)

TEES Senior Fellows — Dr. Sharath Girimaji (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Duncan Maitland (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Binayak Mohanty (Biological and Agricultural Engineering); Dr. Lawrence Rauchwerger (Computer Science and Engineering)

TEES Center Fellows — Dr. Jeff Haberl (Energy Systems Laboratory); Dr. Frank Shipman (Computer Science and Engineering/Center for the Study of Digital Libraries)

Association of Former Students College Level Distinguished Teaching Award — Dr. Sharath Girimaji (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Javier Jo (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. John Keyser (Computer Science and Engineering); Dr. Arun Srinivasa (Mechanical Engineering)

Texas A&M Engineering Faculty Fellows — William Keeler Faculty Fellow — Dr. Elena Castell-Perez (Biological and Agricultural Engineering); Dr. Samuel Palermo (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Dr. Jean Ragusa (Nuclear Engineering); Dr. Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Yucel Akkutlu (Petroleum Engineering)

Herbert H. Richardson Faculty Fellow — Dr. Daniele Mortari (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Vladislav Yakovlev (Biomedical Engineering); Dr. Daniel McAdams (Mechanical Engineering); Dr, Scott Schaefer (Computer Science and Engineering)

William Brothers Construction Co. Faculty Fellow — Dr. Moo-Hyun Kim (Civil Engineering); Dr. Dominique Lord (Civil Engineering)

William O. and Montine P. Head Faculty Fellow — Dr. Amine Benzerga (Aerospace Engineering); Dr. Hong Liang (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Raymundo Arróyave (Materials Science and Engineering); Dr. Sheng-Jen Hsieh (Engineering Technology and Industrial Engineering); Dr. Jean-Francois Chamberland (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Dean of Engineering Excellence Award

Assistant professors — Dr. Le Xie (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Dr. David Staack (Mechanical Engineering)

Associate professors — Dr. Anastasia Muliana (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Miladin Radovic (Materials Science and Engineering) 

Full professors — Dr. Jaime Grunlan (Mechanical Engineering); Dr. Krishna Narayanan (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Montague Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar — Dr. Jodie Lutkenhaus (Chemical Engineering)

Regents Fellow — Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud (Civil Engineering)

Regents Professor — Dr. N.K. Anand (Mechanical Engineering)