Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams qualify for national competitions

The Zachry Department of Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe student teams have qualified for their respective national competitions.

Concrete Canoe qualified for the national competition in June at Clemson University after placing first at the regional competition April 24-25. The team placed first in design paper, first in oral presentation, second in display, and third in co-ed sprint paddle allowing the team to take first place overall and earning a place at the national competition.

Steel Bridge qualified for the national competition in May at the University of Missouri-Kansas City after placing third overall at the regional competition in January. The team placed first in the stiffness category and second in lightness. This year marks the 20th consecutive year that the Texas A&M team will compete at the national competition.

Concrete Canoe:

Team Photo +Canoe _TAMU

Steel Bridge:

Regionals Team Photo