Tamamis joins chemical engineering department

tamamis_webThe Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering welcomes Dr. Phanourios Tamamis, assistant professor.

Tamamis’ research includes computational methods in the area of protein structure prediction and de novo protein design. He leads his research group in developing novel frameworks, for among other purposes, “the design of new molecules to cure diseases.”

In his lab, diseases such as HIV, cancer and diabetes are targeted and studied at atomic and molecular levels. Similarly, he develops bio-nanomaterials for applications in biomedicine, nanotechnology and energy. For Tamamis, “the blend of computational biophysics with computational biomolecular engineering provides fascinating research horizons.

“I cannot imagine not working on this one single day. It is my oxygen,” Tamamis said. For his students and group members, he aims to provide “an environment filled with excitement to perform research and enthusiasm to invent.” 

He teaches thermodynamics and courses associated with computer analysis and simulations.