Student Engineer's Council hosts inaugural SPARK conference

The Dwight Look College of Engineering’s Student Engineer's Council (SEC) welcomed more than 400 K-12 students to campus for the inaugural Spark conference. The conference centered around a day-long design competition for students. With a focus on innovation, teamwork and time management skills, students were introduced to important skills needed to become a successful engineer.

The purpose of the conference is to expose students to Texas A&M University and the field of engineering.

"The Spark Conference is a premier recruiting event for the Student Engineers' Council and the College of Engineering,” explained Melinda McClure, chemical engineering major and SEC president. "It is 100 percent planned and hosted by students and shows that current Texas A&M engineers have a passion for the future of our university, our nation, and our world. We are eagerly stepping up to the plate and taking time out of our school schedules to address the growing need for students in the engineering profession."

Activities catered to different age groups and disciplines of interest and included, a computer coding competition, egg drop challenge, and an opportunity to design and construct a glider. 

Students were introduced to the skill set needed to become an engineer, as well as the impact engineers can have on the world.

“For me, it is most inspiring to see students leaving our conference exclaiming that they want to be Aggie engineers”, said SPARK chair, Torey Dierckman. “We get to see our impact on the participants just after being on our campus for a short day. The effectiveness of the conference is so rewarding and instills a drive in our council to want to continue to build and develop Spark in the coming years.”

The Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) is the representative body for all students in the Look College at Texas A&M. Formed by the Dean of Engineering in 1939, the SEC represents the concerns of engineering students and professional societies to the college administration and to the university as a whole.