CSE A.M. Turing Award recognition posters

turingThe Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University has honored scientists presented with the A.M. Turing Award by hanging posters in the Harvey R. “Bum” Bright building, Teague, and Reed-McDonald.

The A.M. Turing Award is sometimes referred to as the "Nobel Prize" of Computing. The award was named in honor of Alan Mathison Turing who was a British mathematician and computer scientist. He made fundamental advances in computer architecture, algorithms, formalization of computing and artificial intelligence, and was also instrumental in British code-breaking work during World War II.

The A.M. Turing Award honors scientists with research subjects such as artificial intelligence, computational complexity, cryptography, programming languages and many more. There are 60 posters hung in honor of these individuals throughout each of the CSE buildings with each person’s name, the year they were presented the award and a brief description of why they were honored with it.

One of the reasons these posters were hung around the department is to inspire appreciation of the history of computer science and the individuals who have made significant contributions to the field’s growth.

Photo: CSE student worker, Sandra Calderón, with one A.M. Turing Award recognition poster.