LifeNet Systems Inc. acquires license to a technology patented by Dr. Schneider which will make highway barriers more safe

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LifeNet Systems Inc. recently purchased license to a patent on a technology invented in NASA’s Johnson Space Center, by Dr. William Schneider, professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. James Locke in 2001. This technology will make highway safety barriers safer, by replacing existing concrete and steel barriers by taller barriers made of a softer material.  

Concrete and steel barriers can cause extensive vehicle damage and fatalities. LifeNet Systems barriers, created with the help of the patented technology will stop a vehicle traveling 80 mph within eight feet safely and securely. LifeNet Systems will begin deployment of the barriers in Colombia, South America within the next 12 months, and will continue to work toward attaining certification for implementation on U.S. roadways.

Dr. Schneider speaks about the technology
 Jsc 2014e 061328

Signing ceremony of the license agreement. 

LifeNet Systems worked with the NASA/JSC inventors Dr. Schneider and Dr. Locke in the early stages of business plan development. This project is a great example of how government, academic institutions and research organizations can collaborate together to create a positive impact in the world by solving technical problems and transferring the technology to the commercial sector for widespread application.