CSE peer teacher central

Peer Teacher CentralThe Department of Computer Science and Engineering Peer Teacher Program connects students who have a passion for helping others succeed and students who are driven and excited about learning. The peer teachers in the program are knowledgeable undergraduate students that have been selected as mentors for the classes in which they have excelled.

Peer Teacher Central is the location where the peer teachers hold their office hours outside of the classroom. It is open all day Monday-Friday and Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring semesters. Students in any 100, 200 or 300 level CSCE course are welcome to come by Peer Teacher Central at any time for assistance. The program is designed to create a positive learning environment that encourages students to engage with one another.

“Many students prefer asking peer teachers for help instead of instructors and TAs because they feel more closely related both academically and socially,” said Dr. Teresa Leyk, CSE Peer Teacher Program coordinator.

“Teaching others’ material that I myself found to be challenging has helped me grow very confident in my own programming skills and has developed my ability to communicate ideas with my fellows, especially the non Computer Science majors who only have to take an entry level course for their majors,” said Grant Uland, current peer teacher for the program. “I feel like I will have a competitive edge in our industry after I graduate thanks to the CSE Peer Teaching Program.”

There were 31 peer teachers involved in the program in the Spring 2014 semester. Currently, there are four peer teachers participating this summer.  Peer Teacher Central impacts more than 1,000 students a semester, supporting all 100, 200 and most 300 level courses. 

CSE is planning to remodel Peer Teacher Central to better support the program. Hewlett-Packard, a member of the Department’s Industrial Affiliates Program is partially supporting the remodeling costs. 

More information about the Peer Teacher Program can be found in this page on the website.