Texas A&M hosts SWE Summer Camp

Photo Jun 16, 5 31 20 PMTexas A&M Engineering hosted the 2014 Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Summer Camp from June 15-20. This year's cam provided a week-long fun and educational camp experience for 62 middle school girls interested in engineering. 

The camp participants stayed in Texas A&M dorms for a week allowing them to experience first-hand the college atmosphere as well as what it means to be a woman engineer. Women engineers from Halliburton, Williams, BASF, and many other companies presented different types of engineering. In addition to the presentations, various members of the Texas A&M staff gave the girls real life examples of STEM related fields. 

Photo Jun 18, 7 14 09 PMThroughout the week, the girls competed in a design project to gain experience in working with groups as well as having to deal with real world obstacles. Their design project was to build a zoo and a bridge using materials that they purchased with a given amount of “money.” During the week, heavier animals were added to the mix forcing each group to modify their designs in order to hold the weight. Many of the groups excelled in this design competition and received great real-life knowledge. 

Participants also took part in various mini-activities such as cleaning up oil spills, catapults, and irradiated salt.

For more information on SWE visit: http://swe.tamu.edu/