New CSE Student Collaboration Spaces

Image of collaboration space 3The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has created a number of spaces throughout the Harvey R. “Bum” Bright Building that will promote collaboration and learning among students and faculty.

There are student collaboration spaces on the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Bright building giving students the ability to gather outside of their own research labs. They have also recently set up tables with umbrellas on the back patio of the building.

“I believe that the new collaboration Image of collaboration space 4spaces have provided much needed free space for students to socialize, practice presentations, and study,” said Larry Powell, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) president. “I have observed that using these spaces promotes socializing and effective communication with the ample seating areas and whiteboards in each collaboration space. UPE looks forward to continue to use these areas in the upcoming semesters.”

Image of collaboration space 2Along with these spaces, there is another new collaboration space that has undergone significant remodeling in the hopes that it will create a more engaging setting for students and faculty to gather. The new graduate student collaboration and learning space has been created next to the departmental lunch room. The faculty is sharing the adjacent faculty lounge with the students as well. 

“I think all the students agree that the new spaces are a great addition to our facilities,” said Jory Denny, Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Students Association (CSEGSA) president. “CSEGSA in particular uses the main student lounge on the third floor for meetings, informal gathers, and more. I think these spaces provide a unique opportunity to students across the department to share ideas and hangout where previously they might not have ever met.”