CSE welcomes Dr. Bruce Gooch to its faculty

Image of Bruce GoochThis fall Dr. Bruce Gooch will begin his Texas A&M University career in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering as an associate professor in digital humanities. Gooch is well known for motivating undergraduate and graduate students in the development of their computer graphic and critical thinking skills. Many of his students now pursue their careers at top companies and national labs.

Gooch's research interests are in the fields of non-photorealistic rendering, perception and graphics, learning and video games, and computational aesthetics. He has published over 50 research papers on computer graphics, and is co-author of the first book on non-photorealistic rendering. Non-Photorealistic Rendering categorizes usable techniques in non-photorealistic rendering and provides a summary of some of the algorithms as well as pseudo-code for producing some of the images.

He is a pioneering member or founder of four international conferences recognized by the ACM: Computational Aesthetics (CAE), Non-Photorealistic Rendering and Animation (NPAR), Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D), and Foundations of Digital Games (FDG). Gooch has helped 19 start-up companies to patent, successfully defend and license their technology in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and on Madison Avenue.

Gooch earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics and his master's and doctoral degrees in computer science from the University of Utah. He was an assistant professor of computer science at Northwestern University from 2003 to 2008 and an associate professor of computer science at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada since 2006.