Petroleum students attend China study abroad program

China _two -week _course _1_328x 200From May 16-31, 11 Texas A&M University petroleum engineering students attended a study abroad program in China. The course, taught by professors Ding Zhu, Rashid Hasan and Jiajing Lin, is PETE 325, Petroleum Production Systems, and is an introduction to production operations and oil field equipment.

This was a two-week program. The first week, the students went to China Petroleum University to study production operations such as: multiphase flow in pipes, bottomhole pressure prediction, inflow and outflow performance, production systems and backpressure analysis, hydraulic fracturing fluids and equipment; downhole and artificial lift equipment, tubulars, workover, completion and procedures; produced fluids, fluid separation and metering, safety systems, pressure boosting and monitoring. The second week, the students went to Dagang Oilfield. During the oilfield trip, the students visited a rod pump, completion, and workover facility.

"One of the coolest places on earth to visit; learning about production and getting credit for it is the icing on the cake," said Hasan

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The students were given the opportunity to visit three places in Beijing: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City Chinese History Museum, and the Olympic Village. While staying in housing at the China Petroleum University, several Chinese students attended the class, giving the Texas A&M students the opportunity for cross-cultural exchanges and new friendships.

"Back to the place where I belong, but with all the Aggies. We had joy, we had fun, we made new friends, we learned production and culture. Aggies, are you ready for next year's trip? I am waiting for you!" said Lin.

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