Three CSE staff honored at inaugural Engineering Staff Retreat

Department of Computer Science and Engineering staff, Sybil Popham, Theresa Roberts, and Bruce Veals, received Staff Excellence Awards at the Texas A&M Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet on May 1, 2014. At the inaugural Texas A&M Engineering Annual Staff Retreat held at the Memorial Student Center on May 14, the over 500 engineering staff attending were introduced to our department's award recipients.

Image of Sybil Popham awardEngineering's Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications Marilyn Martell introduced Sybil Popham, business coordinator III, as having "been with the university for 15 years and is described as ethical, knowledgeable and hard working. A coworker says 'Sybil works tirelessly, never backs away from a challenge and never gives up.'"

Of Theresa Roberts, our program and outreach coordinator, Ms. Martell remarked that Theresa's "job duties involve working with students and her loveImage of Theresa Roberts award for them is apparent. Says a nominator, 'Theresa brings joy and a sense of belonging to our students; I cannot think of any staff member who better embraces the core value of selfless service.'"

About Bruce Veals, our facilities coordinator, Ms. Martell said that Bruce is described as being "one of the most reliable people that I have ever worked with. I can assign him a task and know with complete confidence that it will be done and done well."

Following the staff introductions, Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor for engineering for The Texas A&M University System and dean of the Dwight Look College of Engineering, used our three reward recipients in her definitions of Leadership, Loyalty, and Respect.

Image of Bruce Veals award"Leadership. General Douglas MacArthur once described a true leader as 'having the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.' Bruce Veals comes to mind, described as one of the most reliable people that a nominator has ever worked with."

"Loyalty. In today's me-first world, selfishness and personal gain are the objective of most endeavors. Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and to stick with them, through thick and thin. Co-workers described Sybil Popham as one who works tirelessly, never backs away from a challenge and never gives up."

"Respect. Respect is a core value that can be seen in both how a person treats others and how others treat him or her. It's not something that can be demanded, it must be earned. The level of respect in which Theresa Roberts is held speaks volumes to the kind of person she is with our students, coworkers and others."

Congratulations to our well-deserving staff!


Photos: (top-to-bottom) Dean Banks with Sybil Popham, Theresa Roberts, Bruce Veals