A New Tool for Twitter

Twitter is a highly used and very popular social media platform. However, when switching back and forth between several tabs and windows, it’s very easy to lose track of what you initially set out to explore.

Associate Professor Andruid Kerne with the Interface Ecology Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, along with his graduate students, Ajit Jain, Nic Lupfer, Yin Qu, and Rhema Linder, have developed TweetBubble, a free Chrome extension, that allows users to expand an @tweeter handle or #hashtags in the same window, without having to switch back and forth across tabs and windows.

“It’s very easy to lose the context of your original thought once you start following different links,” says Kerne. “TweetBubble is designed to make Twitter more effective and easier for users to put together the big picture of who is connecting with whom.”

TweetBubble is a free and open source Chrome extension that helps users explore social media network connections in Twitter. Download TweetBubble from the Chrome Store: http://goo.gl/2wouzT

To learn more about Dr. Kerne's research, visit the Interface Ecology Lab website.