Texas A&M at Qatar celebrates first former student reunion

Photo of first Texas A&M at Qatar former student reunion




















More than 80 former students gathered at Texas A&M University at Qatar for the University's first former student reunion March 25 at Education City to highlight their connection to the University and to each other.

The event is the first of its kind for the Texas A&M at Qatar Alumni Council, which was formed in August 2013. This council, consisting of 14 former students nominated and elected by the entire University alumni body, aims to promote a sense of affinity and long-term camaraderie among former students. 

Graduates of Texas A&M University and its branch campuses are known as former students rather than alumni or ex-Aggies, because the Aggie spirit runs so deep that its graduates never really leave the university. Together the nearly 400,000 Texas A&M former students comprise the Aggie Network, which is known far and wide for supporting Aggies in ways big and small. The Alumni Council aims to continue the spirit of mutual benefit the network represents.

Photo of Texas A&M at Qatar former student reunion

The event was organized and hosted by the University’s Office of Strategic Partnerships and Alumni Relations that works closely with Alumni Council members and committees to assist in accomplishing their goals as well as ensuring that University rules and regulations are followed.

John Small, director of strategic partnership and alumni relations, said, “Texas A&M University is internationally recognized for its strong network of former students, and for our tradition of staying in touch with each other and with the University’s main campus. I am so glad to see our Texas A&M at Qatar graduates expanding these traditions as the University created the newly formed Alumni Council and now are attending their first organized alumni reunion. These are first steps toward building something that will benefit Doha Aggies for decades to come.”

The Alumni council will continue laying the foundations for a Qatar-based Aggie Network open to all former students of Texas A&M at Qatar. This group forms the basis for many future initiatives, including closer ties to The Association of Former Students and the local Doha Aggie Club, as well as efforts to integrate with local community and industry.

“The aim of this reunion is to connect with fellow former students to engage and share experiences since graduation,” said Khaled Hassiba ’09, Alumni Council president. “It makes each and every Aggie a part of a bigger family.” 

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