Hart awarded Roy G. Post scholarship

Cliff HartClifford Hart, a graduate student enrolled in the nuclear engineering Master of Science program at Texas A&M, was recently awarded the Roy G. Post scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year. With this $2,500 scholarship, Hart will also be given a paid trip to attend the annual Waste Management (WM) conference, which attracts thousands of registrants from around the world and is widely regarded as the premier international conference for the management of radioactive material and related topics. The WM2014 conference will be held in Phoenix, Ariz., March 2-6, 2014. 

Following the completion of his master's, Hart plans on achieving his Ph.D. He received a bachelor's in applied science and technology, and an associate degree in mechanical systems from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, N.J. Hart completed half of his coursework for a master's in management before transferring to Texas A&M. He worked as an undergraduate researcher (now as a graduate researcher) at the A&M Fuel Cycle and Materials Lab for over a year and has had the privilege to assist in and work on graduate projects for TerraPower. Hart participated in the National Model United Nations as a head delegate in 2011 and was exposed to international nuclear waste and proliferation concerns in the Nonproliferation Treaty forum, which attempts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, reduce existing nuclear stockpiles and promote peaceful nuclear applications. He served in the Navy's nuclear program as an engineering laboratory technician prior to and during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Roy G. Post was the founding chief executive of WM Symposia, the sponsor of the annual international Waste Management conference. The Roy G. Post Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by his students, peers and protégés to provide scholarships to students to develop careers in the safe management of nuclear materials and to participate in the annual WM Symposium.

Full-time students enrolled in secondary educational programs in technical or policy fields with the objective of contributing to the safe management of nuclear materials are eligible for these scholarships, awarded in memory of Dr. Roy G. Post.