Leaches’ $10 million gift to encourage others to support the new Engineering Education Complex

Photo of Amy & Tim LeachAmy and Tim Leach '82 are among the first contributors to provide funds to help construct the Engineering Education Complex (EEC). Their gift of $10 million marked the beginning of multiple gifts to the Texas A&M Foundation to secure $62 million of private funding needed to begin construction.

“Amy and Tim Leach are to be commended for their significant and continued support of Texas A&M Engineering, and in particular, for providing the first of our majors gifts,” said Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of Texas A&M Engineering. “By stepping forward with our lead gift, the Leaches are providing strong encouragement to others to invest in our program. Amy and Tim’s generosity and selfless leadership is the embodiment of the Aggie values they hold in highest regard.”

Dedicated to undergraduate engineering education only, the EEC will be built adjacent to the existing Zachry Engineering Center (ZEC), which will be renovated during the new construction project and when completed, the EEC and ZEC together will feature 600,000 square feet of state-of-the-art learning space. The complex will be an innovative learning environment, utilizing technology, flexible classrooms, design and fabrication shared-use laboratories, collaborative space and tutoring services.

The EEC is a key component of the Dwight Look College of Engineering’s 25 by 25 initiative.

“I think this new complex is important to the students of today because technology has changed everything. Students learn differently than we learned 30 or 40 years ago,” Leach said. “This complex is going to be built to deliver an education in the way the students learn and allow us to open our doors to more students and raise the quality of their education.”

The 25 by 25 initiative addresses the projected state and national need for more engineers by increasing access to the Look College's program with a controlled growth plan to increase enrollment to 25,000 engineering students by 2025.

Success of this initiative lies within the network of support of the many former students of the Dwight Look College of Engineering.

"Aggies have always given back and supported Texas A&M when our school needs us and I think it needs us now, more than ever," said Tim. "There are great things going on here and now is the time for former students to step up and invest in our university."

Tim earned his bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering in 1982 and is the chairman and CEO of Concho Resources in Midland, Texas. He and Amy have been ardent supporters of Texas A&M University, supporting many academic and athletic missions.

Their sons are both Aggies. William ’12 earned his bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and Patrick ’14 is a senior in the industrial distribution program.