Texas A&M team finishes fifth in human-powered submarine races

Sub TeamA team of students from the Texas A&M Ocean Engineering program brought home a fifth-place finish from the 2013 International Human-Powered Submarine Races that were held June 24-28 in West Bethesda, Md.

The A&M entry, the SS Rowdy Howdy, had a top speed of 5.5 nautical miles per hour, which broke its previous record of 5.45 knots.

A&M’s entry was a one-person, propeller-driven submarine that is free flooding. The pilot of the vessel wore SCUBA equipment for breathing and both pedaled and steered the 13-foot long submarine across a 100-meter measured course.

The International Submarine Race (ISR) is a unique international engineering design competition that inspires high school and college students of the various engineering disciplines to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Since 1989 the ISR competition has grown to include participation from universities, colleges, corporations, research centers, high schools and privately sponsored teams from all over the world. Texas A&M has been competing in the events since 1991.