Biomedical engineering students recognized at Student Research Week

Zambrano SRW

[Steve Zambrano received second place in the graduate poster competition.]

COLLEGE STATION, Texas, June 11, 2013 – Three students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University have been recognized for their research presentations and posters at the university’s 2013 Student Research Week (SRW).

Christie Bergerson, Robert Thompson and Steve Zambrano, working in the Biomechanical Environments Laboratory under the direction of Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Research Assistant Professor Michael R. Moreno, each were recognized for their research projects.

Bergerson received top honors in the graduate oral division with her presentation on a load-bearing regenerative therapy for comminuted long bone fractures. This new therapy is aimed at facilitating bone tissue regrowth into fractures while allowing patients to use their injured limbs. Previous therapeutic approaches to these types of fractures required orthopedic implants that greatly inhibited limb usage, she says.

Thompson placed second in the undergraduate poster division for his presentation on a stress angle device, which can be used to replicate the mechanical environments in areas of the vasculature susceptible to atherosclerosis. These conditions, he says, previously have been impossible to replicate in a lab setting, and if successful this device will vastly improve the understanding of the underlying causes of many vascular diseases.

Zambrano notched second place in the graduate poster competition for his non-invasive implantable pneumatic driver design, which is intended to power a cardiac assist device meant to surround the heart rather than be placed inside the organ. This method will be significantly less invasive and reduce overall immediate and long-term tissue damage, he says.

The mission of SRW is to recognize and celebrate student research at Texas A&M by providing an opportunity for students to present research and to foster an environment for students, faculty, staff and administration to learn about the research occurring at the university. Each year SRW supports hundreds of students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels who represent all academic colleges during three days of poster and oral competition. 

SRW is one of the primary events held by the Graduate Student Council (GSC) in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies, Vice President for Research, Department of Student Life and Undergraduate Programs & Academic Services, academic colleges, administrators, faculty and staff. It is an entirely graduate student-run event. SRW events include expert panels, resource tables, research symposiums and keynote addresses from esteemed speakers.