Team from ECE lab has patent recognized by Office of Technology Commercialization

Recently a team from the Power System Automation Laboratory (PSAL) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University was recognized by the Office of Technology Commercialization for a patent received in 2012. 

This patent and four previous patents protect a new technology for monitoring electric power systems which detects incipient failures of equipment, enabling repairs before catastrophic failure or an outage occurs. Dr.  B. Don Russell directs the Power System Automation Laboratory. The co-inventors were Carl Benner, assistant director of PSAL and students, Karthick Muthu-Manivannan and Peng Xu.

The Distribution Fault Anticipation (DFA) technology is under demonstration with several electric utilities and is in the process of commercialization. The DFA system is a transformational technology that will change the way electric distribution feeders are monitored, significantly improving the reliability and safety of power delivery.

The Power System Automation Laboratory conducts research in all aspects of automation, control and protection of electric power systems. The laboratory specializes in real-time, high-fidelity data capture and analysis on operating systems to detect faults and abnormal operating conditions. Current research includes data analysis to detect incipient failure conditions for line and apparatus, enabling true conditioned based maintenance before catastrophic failure.

The laboratory is known internationally for its work in high-impedance fault detection which resulted in commercial relay systems that are widely used today in the electric utility industry.