Duncan Maitland co-edits biomedical handbook

biomedical handbookCOLLEGE STATION, Texas, May 7, 2013 – Duncan J. Maitland, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, and James E. Moore, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Research Professor, are co-editors of a new biomedical handbook titled “Biomedical Technology and Devices.”

The book is in its second edition and part of the “Handbook Series for Mechanical Engineering,” published by CRC Press, a global publisher of scientific, technical and medical content for academics, professionals and students. It is scheduled to be available this July. 

The book, Maitland says, details the equipment, devices and techniques used in modern medicine to diagnose, treat and monitor human illnesses. With topics ranging from blood pressure measurements to cutting-edge imagin g equipment, biological tests and genetic engineering, the book navigates from simple procedures and concepts to more sophisticated and complex ones. Each section contains a description of the technique, its technical considerations, and its use according to its applications and relevant body systems, Maitland adds.

Maitland, who is holder of the William Keeler Faculty Fellowship, researches novel treatments of cardiovascular disease with a focus on stroke. His research projects include endovascular interventional devices, microactuators, optical therapeutic devices and basic device-body interactions/physics including computational and experimental techniques. 

Maitland completed his undergraduate career and earned his master’s degree in physics at Cleveland State University, earned his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in 1995. He joined Texas A&M in 2008 after working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.