Biomedical Engineering Undergrad Has Research Published in Texas A&M Journal

Szafron, JasonCOLLEGE STATION, Texas, April 22, 2013 – Jason Szafron, an undergraduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, has been selected to have his research on an alterative method for treating aneurysms published by the Texas A&M journal “Explorations.”

Szafron, a sophomore from Katy, Texas, is working with Associate Professor Duncan Maitland on a project aimed at developing an alternative method to the current approach for treating aneurysms. 

His article, “Smart Materials for Aneurysm Treatment,” details permeability research on shape memory polymer foams (SMPs), porous polymeric scaffolds that constitute a fast-emerging class of smart biomaterials with multiple potential applications such as biomaterials for embolic devices in minimally invasive medical applications. 

The article will appear in the next issue of the annual Texas A&M journal. The student-run journal selects and publishes student-authored articles of general interest across a variety of disciplines. The journal, which is guided by faculty and administrators, accepts less than 20 percent of submitted proposals after a rigorous two-round review process by faculty-student teams.

Recently published articles have been from a wide range of academic fields: music, creative poetry, forensics, cancer biology, astrophysics, nanomedicine, computer algorithms, business, geosciences, sociology, aerospace engineering and cultural anthropology.

His article, Szafron says, is the result of a challenging but rewarding research experience in Maitland’s laboratory.

“It’s been a really positive experience; I’ve learned a lot,” Szafron says. “It’s so much better than just being in a classroom memorizing equations. This experience has allowed me to apply that knowledge and think outside the box to problem solve. It’s been great.”

Szafron, who intends to pursue graduate school after earning his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M, will continue his research with Maitland this summer as part of the Undergraduate Summer Research Program at Texas A&M.