Students commit $1 million to new engineering education complex

 Photo of SEC representatives with Dr. Banks

Representatives from the Texas A&M Student Engineers' Council with Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chanellor and dean of engineering. From left to right: Ricky Palacios, Kate Fiorenzi, Ryan Haughey, Banks, Alex Herring, Paula Ikpatt, Matt Malek and Matt Krebs

The Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) at Texas A&M University has committed $1 million to the Dwight Look College of Engineering’s new Engineering Education Complex — a gift that is believed to be one of the largest from a student organization to Texas A&M.

“Our students have a long history of loyalty to the institution and service to others,” said John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System. “This is an amazing example set by these extraordinary engineering students.”

The 300,000 square-foot Engineering Education Complex, projected to open in 2016, will be dedicated to revolutionizing the undergraduate engineering experience. 

SEC representatives said the project perfectly fits the mission of the Student Engineers’ Council to provide for the betterment of all engineering students at Texas A&M. The organization’s gift comes from funds raised from its semi-annual career fairs. The fall fair is one of the largest student-run career fairs in the United States.

The gift will be a multiyear commitment funded through the Texas A&M Foundation.

SEC President Ryan Haughey said, “As the cornerstone of the college’s initiative to become a leader in engineering education, the Engineering Education Complex will be an integral part of future engineering students’ experience in the college. The Student Engineers’ Council exists to serve the students of the college, and supporting this building is an excellent means for us to enhance the education of undergraduate engineering students.”

Haughey said that the SEC’s General Council voted unanimously to support a 10-year commitment to the Engineering Education Complex construction fund.

Dr. M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of engineering, said, “A gift of this magnitude on behalf of our student leaders is overwhelming. This generous contribution highlights the exceptional qualities of our students who are genuinely engaged and invested in enhancing the educational experience that we deliver to the next generation of engineers.”

Alex Herring, SEC vice president for development, said, “In order to meet the nation's growing need for top engineers, the Engineering Education Complex at Texas A&M will innovate the way engineers are taught. Student Engineers' Council supports the Dwight Look College of Engineering's students and our commitment to this endeavor will enhance engineering education for years to come.”

Texas A&M’s Student Engineers’ Council was established in 1939 and consists of 130 members from all departments in the Look College. The council strives to be the representative voice of all engineering students; works to increase engineering awareness through its programs and events; and fosters the professional advancement of all engineering students within the college of engineering.

About the Texas A&M Foundation
The Texas A&M Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that solicits and manages investments in academics and leadership programs to enhance Texas A&M’s capability to be among the best universities.

About the Dwight Look College of Engineering
With nearly 400 tenured/tenure-track faculty members and more than 11,000 students, the Look College is one of the largest engineering schools in the country, ranking third in undergraduate enrollment and eighth in graduate enrollment. The college is ranked sixth in graduate studies, eighth in undergraduate programs, and second in research expenditures among public institutions by U.S. News & World Report, with seven of the college’s 13 departments ranked in the Top 10.