Call for participation issued for Summer Institute on Chemical and Radiological Events June 4‐7

The schedule for the 2013 Summer Institute June 4‐7 at Disaster City has been finalized, with state and federal agencies participating as well as numerous companies from the EDGE® consortium.

Participating agencies include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, Austin Police Department, USMC Chemical Biological Response Force and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Organizers say that 15 slots remain open for faculty and students to attend to either learn more about the technology needs or to insert their technology into the two exercises. Software and sensors may be integrated into the NSF RESPOND‐R test instrument, allowing data capture.
June 4 is set aside for technology demonstrations for responders and hands‐on interaction with responders and their equipment, setting the stage for mutual exposure to the future and the current practices. June 5 will focus on a chemical train derailment leaking into a creek and pond, and June 6 on a hospital collapse with possible leakage from nuclear medical devices‐with radiological sources.

Each day will begin with the agencies walking us through in the field the key steps and gear they use to collect, transmit and process data. The afternoon will be a scaled exercise using equipment selected by responders as those of the most relevance.

June 7 is a half-day wrap up to determine technology transfer and research projects.
Please email if you are interested in participating or would like to invite a sponsor or company.