Interdisciplinary team competes in Power Across Texas 2013 Energy Innovation Challenge

Photo of Power Across Texas teamA interdisciplinary team of students from Texas A&M University placed third in the Power Across Texas 2013 Energy Innovation Challenge competition in Austin March 1.

Dr. Robert Balog, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M, led the team, which consisted of James Robertson, PhD. student, civil engineering; Lauren Pfeifer, MPIA; and Rachael Dahl, MPSA.

This energy innovation challenge brings together interdisciplinary student teams to address a fundamentally interdisciplinary challenge to modern society.

The Texas A&M team competed against teams from Texas Tech and the University of Texas at Austin. Their presentation, “Powering the Texas Colonias,” recommended a three-prong policy strategy that involved loosening regulations, passing legislation and expanding existing initiatives.

“I am extremely proud of this team, representing students from the Busch school as well as the college of engineering,” Balog said. “With the recent high-level focus on energy and interdisciplinary campus projects, this is a spectacular outcome, regardless of how they placed in the competition.”

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