Health physics master's student invited to international seminar on Global Nuclear Human Resource Development

Photo of Jennifer ErchingerJennifer Erchinger, a master's student in the Department of Nuclear Engineering, attended the 2nd International Seminar on Global Nuclear Human Resource Development for Safety, Security and Safeguards  Feb. 18-26 in Tokyo.

Erchinger will earn her Master of Science in health physics in May 2013. Her primary research focus has been in the development of a specialized radiation portal that will be used to scan livestock following a radiological incident ,such as a nuclear power plant accident or terrorist event.

During her studies in the department, Erchinger has interacted with state representatives to collect and verify state and local emergency response plans that included domestic as well as farm animals. She also has tested the use of commercial portals that are used for pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, she has presented her study at the annual meeting of the Health Physics society. This work will also be presented at the National Radiological Emergency Preparedness conference this spring.

Following her master's degree, she said she plans to pursue her Ph.D. at Texas A&M where she will continue her research in nuclear emergency response issues.