Strouboulis paper tops list of "Top 25 Hottest Articles in Engineering"

StrouboulisElsevier has named its “Top 25 Hottest Articles in Engineering” based on most downloads at a journal and a subject level.

The winner, at the very top after more than 10 years, is “The General Finite Element Method,” written by Dr. Theofanis Strouboulis from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University; Dr. Kevin Copps ’89 and Dr. Ivo Babuska from the University of Texas at Austin.
This paper was the result of an innovative effort to significantly extend the capabilities of the highly successful Finite Element Method (FEM), by straightforward extension of legacy codes developed since the 60s, Strouboulis said.
"I feel very fortunate to have been able to do research on this new and , in retrospect, pivotal problem in computational science a decade ago," Strouboulis said. "I benefited greatly from collaboration with Texas A&M graduate Kevin Copps, now at Sandia Labs, and my collaborator and coauthor, the great Ivo Babuska.

"The paper in question was actually the culmination of several years of work on the foundations and generalization of a class of computational methods that have revolutionized engineering analysis and design worldwide. Our discovery and analysis of these new ideas presented in this work gradually evolved as we looked into the fundamental properties of this powerful and , in some respects, transformational idea of how to develop  algorithms that exposed detailed features of physical systems inaccessible by conventional approaches. We are gratified that the computational engineering and science community appreciated and were so interested in our work."
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