Seminario recognized at STEM conference for outstanding technical achievement

Photo of Dr. Jorge SeminarioDr. Jorge M. Seminario, holder of the Fox Professorship and a professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, was recognized at the 2012 HENAAC Conference, powered by Great Minds in STEM.

Seminario was recognized for outstanding technical achievement in academia. He was cited for making "some of the most
important contributions the field of nanotechnology has seen over the last two decades."

HENAAC is the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corp. The HENAAC Conference is the nation's most prestigous stage for honoring excellence, building and reinforcing networks, and strengthening company, and agency pride. The conference encompasses the finest technical minds from top executives and cutting-edge professionals, to the brightest STEM students and representatives from multiple STEM organizations. It continues to be the premier venue for top corporate, military, and academic leaders to come together with students to discuss and improve the mission of inspiring and motivating more underserved students to achieve careers in STEM.

Seminario's research focuses on nanotechnology, working on the analysis, design and simulation of systems and materials of nanometer dimensions, especially those for the development of nanosensors and molecular electronics. One of his major goals is to design smaller electronic devices and other systems in order to increase their efficiency, speed and energy savings, as well as reduce their costs. He has developed new scenarios for molecular devices and systems using molecular potentials and molecular vibrations for processing and transport of information at nanometer scales.

Seminario earned a bachelor's degree from the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Lima, Peru), and master's and Ph.D. degrees from  Southern Illinois University.