Aggie engineers help Clear Springs High School design team

Photo of engineering technology students working with high school students

Pictured above: Westover’s students explain the overall design of the project and embedded control software design to Texas A&M undergraduates Mickie Byrd (seated) and senior Akeem Whitehead (standing) during their visit to League City Oct. 26. 


Students from the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University have teamed with NASA’s HUNCH (High Schools Students United with NASA to Create Hardware) Program to support Allison Westover’s Clear Springs High School design team. 

The project is to design, build and fly in a microgravity environment their NanoRack Food Growth Chamber. 

As an outreach and recruiting activity, Mickie Byrd will lead a group of Electronics Engineering Technology students from the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution who will help teach embedded C programming to the software development team and mentor the design, implementation and testing of the control software for their project. 

The Texas A&M team will work closely with the microcontroller board designer, Steve Bress, to ensure that the his preliminary software will satisfy all operational requirements. Sensor and image data will be collected and stored while the moisture content and day/night simulated environment of the plants will be controlled during the microgravity flight testing performed by the high school students in April 2013.