Radovic featured in American Ceramic Society publication

Photo of Dr. Miladin RadovicDr. Miladin Radovic, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, was featured in American Ceramic Society Bulletin.

The article features six ceramics faculty members who received CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation in 2011-2012 and discusses their discoveries of high-temperature materials, nanoceramics, new ferroelectrics and more.

Radovic received his CAREER award for his project "Effects of Anelastic Relaxation of Defect Complexes on the Mechanical Behavior of Oxide Ceramics."

His project focuses on oxide ceramics with high ionic or mixed ionic-electronic conductivity that are currently essential materials for highly efficient and environmentally friendly energy technologies, including solid oxide fuel cells and batteries. It addresses, on a fundamental level, the relationship between atomic defects in oxide ceramics and their mechanical behavior under the combined effects of elevated temperatures and mechanical stresses.

Radovic received his B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from University of Belgrade in Serbia and his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

He joined the faculty at A&M in 2006 and has written or cowritten more than 40 peer-reviewed journal publications. His research interests include: materials for energy and high temperature applications; processing of advanced ceramics and ceramic composites; mechanical behavior of ceramic materials in harsh conditions; reliability and durability of ceramic materials and components; and resonant ultrasound spectroscopy.