Texas A&M Engineering partners with Brazil to encourage international graduate studies

Texas A&M Engineering is partnering with the country of Brazil in the Science Without Borders program, a large-scale scholarship program that is primarily funded by the Brazilian government.

The program seeks to strengthen and expand the initiatives of science and technology, innovation and competitiveness through international mobility of undergraduate and graduate students and researchers.

As part of the partnership, Texas A&M is inviting Brazilian students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to apply to its Dwight Look College of Engineering.  Ph.D.s are available in the following areas: engineering and other technological areas, health and biomedical sciences, information and communication technologies, aerospace, oil, gas and coal, renewable energy, biotechnology and new materials, technology for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, minerals, new technologies for constructive engineering.

Lemos"At Texas A&M University, I found a wonderful infrastructure for my studies and professors extremely competent in their fields and extremely kind and friendly, a combination that we sometimes don't find in academia,” said Gisele Caedoso Lemos (pictured), a Ph.D. student from Brazil who has studied at Texas A&M. “Furthermore, College Station offers the perfect environment for a student who seeks an experience abroad focused on obtaining academic excellence."

For information and application requirements, go to /brazil.

The Science Without Borders program also encourages highly qualified young researchers and senior visiting professors to visit Brazil to work with local investigators on joint projects. The program is a joint effort of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology through their respective funding agencies.