Ceramic Tech Today reports on mechanical engineering student's "what if" experiment

Car tire supported by coffee mugMechanical engineering sophomore John Mayo’s work has been highlighted in Ceramic Tech Today, the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) blog and will be on the cover of the July issue of the ACerS Bulletin.

Mayo was in Dr. Terry Creasy’s MEEN 360 Materials and Manufacturing Selection in Design class where he carried out an interesting experiment on his own just to see if one statement from his textbook was true: that it is possible to support a fire truck on four coffee cups.

He said he decided to test this statement using his Ford Ranger pick-up truck and four ceramic coffee mugs picked up at various trade shows.

Mayo's “experiment” captured Creasy ’s attention, and Creasy and Dr. Miladin Radovic brought the experiment to the society's attention.

Visit the Ceramic Tech Today blog to read the full story.