Nuclear engineering graduate student presents at Low Carbon Earth Summit

Photo of Jesse JohnsNuclear engineering graduate student Jesse Johns gave two presentations at the inaugural Low Carbon Earth Summit in October in Dalian, China.

The summit drew more than 1,000 participants from 58 countries and covered the fast-growing field of innovation in the low carbon economy. It provided a forum where industry and academia joined together to learn about the latest and future developments, and explore opportunities for new business ventures. Presentations included speakers from academia, consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, technology providers, designers and carbon trade brokers.

Johns presentations were, "Fidelity Needs for Design, Safety, Performance and Fuel Cycle Evaluations of Next Generation Nuclear Reactors - Integrated Systems Approach," and "Energy Sustainability: Offering Integrated Solution to Energy Delivery and Waste Management." His talks were part of the Global Nuclear Energy Outlook and Energy Policy and Next Generation Nuclear Reactor sessions.

"The organizing committee recognized our efforts and contributions in this area and invited us to participate in the summit," said Dr. Pavel Tsvetkov, associate professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering.

Johns is a Ph.D. candidate working with Tsvetkov, whose research group focuses on system methods and evaluations of contemporary nuclear energy aspects, including energy sustainability, global outlook and next-generation reactors. Tsvetkov selected Johns to make the presentations on behalf of the research group.

"It was an important opportunity to engage in global energy talks and offer our point of view on the key subjects defining our global future," Johns said.

Johns' research interests include high-fidelity modeling of nuclear systems, computational fluid dynamics, reactor behavior of coupled systems, and design of advanced/novel reactor concepts. Johns is a senior reactor operator at the Texas A&M University's TRIGA reactor at the Texas Engineering Experiment Station's Nuclear Science Center, and provides the facility with experimental design and core modeling expertise.