Mechanical engineering professor's paper highlighted in American Ceramic Society blog

A paper recently published by graduate student Amy Bolon (pictured on the left) and Dr. Molly Gentleman, an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering,has been highlighted in Ceramic Tech Today, the blog of the American Ceramic Society.Photo of Amy Bolon and Dr. Molly Gentleman

The paper, "Raman Spectroscopic Observations of Ferroelastic Switching in Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia," was published recently in the online Early View of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society.

Gentleman earned a Ph.D. in materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a B.S. in metallurgical and materials engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She joined the Texas A&M Engineering faculty in 2010 after working as a materials scientist for the GE Global Research Center from 2006 to 2009.

Her research interests focus on structure-property relationships for structural inorganic materials, particularly as they pertain to the performance of ceramic coatings for harsh environments. Ongoing work includes observations by Raman spectroscopy of ferroelastic switching in zirconia-based ceramics and the development of low-surface energy oxides coatings for dewetting and biomedical applications. She currently has 10 publications in peer review journals, as well as 14 patent applications and five currently issued patents in the areas of coatings for harsh environments.

Bolon is working on measurement of ferroelastic switching using Raman spectroscopy and neutron scattering. She is also exploring the changes that occur in Raman spectra of nanoparticles.