Publication by Sanchez-Sinencio one of the top most downloaded papers in IEEE database

A publication by a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University has been listed as a Top 10 most-downloaded paper in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers's (IEEE) main publication database, IEEE Xplore.

Photo of Dr. Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio

The paper, "Linearization Techniques for CMOS Low Noise Amplifiers: A Tutorial," by Dr. Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio and his former student Dr. Heng Zhang was the sixth-most downloaded paper in January 2011. The paper appears inIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers.

Their paper catalogues and analyzes previously reported CMOS low noise amplifier (LNA) linearization techniques and addresses broadband-LNA-linearization issues for emerging reconfigurable multiband/multistandard and wideband transceivers. In the paper they discuss the impact of CMOS technology scaling on linearity and outline how to design a linear LNA in a deep submicrometer process and general design guidelines for high-linearity LNAs.

Sánchez-Sinencio, the TI/Jack Kilby Chair, has research interests in the areas of continuous-time integrated circuits, analog built-in testing, low-voltage/low-power mixed signal circuits and RF communication circuits. He leads the analog and mixed-signal group and is director of the TEES Analog and Mixed- Signal Center.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE. Among his numerous awards are the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Darlington Award, the IEEE CAS Outstanding Young Author Award (with graduate student Alex Reyes) and the IEEE CAS Guillemin- Cauer Award for his work on cellular networks. He also received a Texas Senate Proclamation for outstanding accomplishments in recognition of his research. INAOE awarded him its first honorary doctorate in 1995.

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