Hylands provide gifts to aerospace engineering

The Department of Aerospace Engineering has received a gift from Dr. David Hyland and his wife, Claudia Hyland.

The Hylands' recent gift will be used to support research efforts related to space, specifically projects on asteroid exploration and mitigation, as well as support for undergraduate lab enhancements in these areas.

"As we try to organize our fund-raising activities in the aerospace engineering department to support scholarships, upgrade our laboratories and support our various academic functions, Professor Hyland's gift has given us a momentum forward with our space initiatives and will have a profound impact on students for years to come," said Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas, aerospace engineering department head.

Hyland is the director of Space Science and Space Engineering Research, a professor of aerospace engineering and physics, and is the holder of the Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering. He has been with the Texas A&M aerospace engineering department since 2003.

His current research areas include development of novel electro-optical methods of fine resolution imaging, dynamics and control of spacecraft formations and the study of hazardous near-earth objects.

Lagoudas said this altruistic gift from Dr. and Mrs. Hyland will have an impact on many future aerospace students and was undoubtedly sparked by the Hylands' passion for space research and Texas A&M aerospace engineering students.