Junkins to receive the ICCES Lifetime Achievement Medal

The International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering and Sciences (ICCES) has announced that the ICCES Lifetime Achievement Medal will be awarded to Dr. John L. Junkins, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University.Dr. John L. Junkins and Dr. Xaioli Bai and Dr. Jeremy Davis"I was really happy when this news came out of the blue," said Junkins, when asked about his most recent honor.Junkins will be the inaugural recipient of this medal, which recognizes his sustained and significant contributions in the forms of research, teaching and service to the community in the area of "Mechanics and Control, Their Synergism and Interdependence."Junkins was cited as a world leader in the rigorous fusion of mechanics, control and associated computational methods, as well as being an outstanding academic mentor.Over the past decade, the ICCES has emerged as a major international forum with thousands of participants from the Americas, Europe and Asia convening to share recent research results in Engineering Science. ICCES emphasizes the closure of theory, computation and experiment across the sciences, engineering and mathematical modeling.Junkins will receive this award at ICCES2011 in April in Nanjing, China, where he will also deliver a lecture. In addition, Junkins will be honored with a "mini-symposium" co-chaired by Dr. K.T. Alfriend and Dr. J.E. Hurtado, also from Texas A&M's aerospace engineering department.Junkins' current and former Ph.D. students will be invited to contribute papers and present lectures at the mini-symposium."I have been truly blessed to work with four dozen stellar Ph.D. students who have spawned three descendant generations of Ph.D.s. Together we have collaborated on a variety of research problems over the past four decades. I consider this medal evidence that this group has made contributions that are judged meritorious."This mini-symposium is a great opportunity to renew our acquaintances and share our recent work," said Junkins, "and the best part will be seeing some dear friends, including a few that I haven't seen in several years."Dr. Xiaoli Bai, who is one of Junkins' most recent Ph.D. graduates from Texas A&M, will also serve on the organizing committee and help host the delegates while touring the Nanjing environs. Bai is the co-author the paper Junkins will deliver at the mini-symposium lecture."I really look forward to this event. It will be a wonderful occasion to share this honor with lifelong friends, and recognize my former students' many accomplishments. Without question, it is because of their collective contributions that I am receiving this honor," Junkins said.For more information on ICCES and the Lifetime Achievement Medal, please visit http://icces.org/.